Seyed Hossein Fasih

Sefat - 2009 (Mixed media on Paper - 49.5×65 cm)

Behtar - 2009 (Mixed media on Paper - 39.5×65.5 cm)

Ser - 2009 (Mixed media on Paper - 49.5×65 cm)

Ensaf - 2009 (Mixed media on Paper - 63×50 cm)


Girl with feathers.
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Your idols were awesomer. 
Your heros were the most ass-kicking, mythical mutants of men that god ever dared to create. You didn’t just look up to them because of your size, you modeled your life after them because they represented courage, strength, badassery, and flying a middle finger to anyone that dared cross their path. 
Now your idols are talentless drunks that fall across the pages of TMZ. You worship celebrity instead of substance.
Let’s stop ready gossip blogs and stop making ass-hats millionaires. Let’s find role models that make us awesomer because we strive to be like them. We’ll never be super heros, but if we try to be, we might just be heros. 
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fouetter le cosmos
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Things to Read #2: Teen movies, Kurt Cobain and Kaiser Karl. And some more.

Winona Ryder as Heathers' Veronica Sawyer by Mike Mitchell

Winona Ryder as Heathers’ Veronica Sawyer by Mike Mitchell

Teaching The Camera To See My Skin – Some aspects of photography are racist. I did not know that.

AnOther Loves Tattoos.

Kurt Cobain died twenty years ago yesterday. His vigil was a covert suicide prevention rally as well as a memorial.

Karl Lagerfeld has the be the most quotable fashion designer alive.

A 6,000 word dissection of 10…

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The Future Past ChromaGIF
By The Current Sea/Sarah Zucker,Los Angeles
Illustrations from the 1920s, our timely counterpart, collude with our gif alchemy to depict the exponential evolution of Man as we ride into the transhumanist age: Today is the Future’s Past.
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Amin Akbari

30Bill (Mustache) Series
- 2012 (Mix Media - 22 x 16 cm)



NAIL ARTIST: Mei Kawajiri / @ciaomanhattan2012

HAND-PAINTED ON: February 10, 2013 


And so it begins…
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Opaque  by  andbamnan