The Reading List: The Vogue Factor… A Vogue editor’s tell-all that doesn’t quite tell all.

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… by Kirstie Clements.

Clements, the Vogue Australia editor who was unceremoniously sacked in 2012, says something in her book that will really hit home with fashion journalists; a newspaper mentality is one that criticises negatively by printing negative reviews, but a magazine mentality is one that criticises negatively by omission. Kirstie Clements has a definite magazine mentality.

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New Fashion, Classic Films


The Autumn fashion issue of New York magazine (that’d be the one with Tavi on the cover then) has pulled off a Photoshop coup, pairing the stars of classic films with key A/W catwalk pieces. It’s gimmicky, I know, but photographer Bobby Doherty has, in some cases, pulled off a fairly seamless transition; a fashion between guilty pleasure and pure unabashed, unironic fun.Marlene in Balenciaga!…

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Things to Read #15

Andre the Giant – some man for one man (via)

Andre the Giant – some man for one man (via)

“No other human has ever matched Andre as a drinker. He is the zenith. He is the Mount Everest of inebriation.” Andre the Giant, the greatest drunk on Earth. Modern Drunkard Magazine, a site dedicated to getting soused, raises all kinds of weird conflicted feelings deep in my gin-soaked brain. But mostly, those feelings are good feelings.

Warren G.…

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night of the living dead - george a. romero - 1968

I am one classy looking bald lady. #selfie #totesfab #CroydonFaceliftOutOfFrame


This is a happy combination of hocus and bunkum and means “a sentimental or melodramatic device for attracting attention, stimulating emotion, or winning support” - often for a questionable proposition.

Complete Speaker’s And Toastmaster’s Library by Jacob M. Braude, 1965.

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We all have our own demons to battle…
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